The Breakdown A Woman’s Perspective
When black women teach their daughters the game…
We have enough h0es!!!😳😳 Will the real women please stand up?!
Black Manosphere VS BWE | Which is the REAL safe space for black women??
The internet is the best thing to happen to the ugly girl
Why Pookie has black women in a chokehold….
Black women don’t give a damn about your mental health issues. FT. Mr. Essien
Are we the leftovers that @Kevin Samuels spoke about?
Why black women are twerking on Kevin Samuel’s grave. 😳😳
Black Women’s Empowerment: A movement divided
How women use dark femininity to run game on you
I’d rather die alone than to be with an ugly woman. 🥴😵😵 W/ @MGTOW UNIVERSE
Is failure to marry keeping black men broke???
Why black women have to be paid to submit!
Do you forfeit Black support when you date out???
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