The Breakdown A Woman’s Perspective
Do All Black Women Have To Pay For Your Poor Dating Choices?? FT. CJ NBM
Who said once you go black, you never go back?? FT.  @Kim Kardashian West ​
All this red-pill knowledge and hoes still winning….FT. Sir IZM
Black men don‘t give a sh__ about brotherhood
Running back to black….ft DaBaby
Are black men willfully ignoring the violence against black women?? Ft. Imani of GoddessWerks
He wants you to be fit, feminine, and friendly while he‘s out chasing hoes…😕
Do hoes deserve grace?? (Women‘s panel)
Brittany Renner is RIGHT!!! Here‘s why…
The BGS interview aftershow!! (Open panel)
The manosphere goes mainstream…With @BGS IBMOR
Swiping left is keeping your  single! FT. Sweets
Black Women can‘t even help black women!
Are modern women too masculine for marriage???
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