The Breakdown A Woman’s Perspective
Why it is so profitable to sht on black women
Undercover Tricking
Project Pookie
Married men in the manosphere….
Victims of a polished f#ck boy….FT. LuLu
Reaction to Black Women vs Latino women @Black Gnostic Speaks
Black men want traditional relationships with THOTS!!!
Are Black men showing their true colors by empathizing with Rajaee Black???
It’s inevitable for married men to simp!!!
It’s inevitable for married men to simp!!!
How to raise your son to love black women….
Who said black women don‘t have options???
Do All Black Women Have To Pay For Your Poor Dating Choices?? FT. CJ NBM
Who said once you go black, you never go back?? FT.  @Kim Kardashian West ​
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