The Breakdown A Woman’s Perspective
Trending topics and open panel
Cutthroat Kris….an analysis of dark feminine energy
Review of  @The High Powered Podcast  interview
Why married women are losing… FT. @The High Powered Podcast ​
Getting RAW with @THE REAL DANA | Discussing Politics, Patriarchy, and Pump-n-Dump culture
The worst idea EVER!! FT. Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears
Black women are scared of the monsters THEY created.
A new generation of misogynists | How red-pill infiltrated the school system
Pills, P🐈ssy, and Passports | What the manosphere got wrong Ft. @Man Of Tomorrow ​
How passport bros being p*nis policed
Black Women and The Asexual Revolution
The Breakdown Reviews interview with @Deez OliviaBish2 after backlash
Why divesting is the best option for black women. | Interview with a divestor @Deez OliviaBish2 ​
Do black men have valid reasons not to trust black women??
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