The Breakdown A Woman’s Perspective
Black women don’t give a damn about your mental health issues. FT. Mr. Essien
Are we the leftovers that @Kevin Samuels spoke about?
Why black women are twerking on Kevin Samuel’s grave. 😳😳
Black Women’s Empowerment: A movement divided
How women use dark femininity to run game on you
I’d rather die alone than to be with an ugly woman. 🥴😵😵 W/ @MGTOW UNIVERSE
Is failure to marry keeping black men broke???
Why black women have to be paid to submit!
Do you forfeit Black support when you date out???
Was the manosphere pimped out???
Believe all kids??? FT. Ari Fletcher
Black women and the perceived protection of white men.
Why Black Women embrace city girl culture
The reasons incels have a bad name. FT. @CelebriD
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